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Our Mission

Our Mission

"To make smoking history"

The harm caused by tobacco impacts on every hospital, every community and thousands of families across our region. No other product, when used correctly, will kill half of long term users.

As well as destroying families, smoking also costs society. It costs the North East NHS £88m a year, takes up over 445,000 GP appointments a year, keeps families trapped in poverty, and costs local authorities at least £44m in additional social care costs.

We aim to ensure adults who smoke and teenagers growing up are clear about the risks, and give smokers the motivation to break free from tobacco. 

We want young people to be able to grow up in families and communities where smoking-related diseases aren't seen as part of everyday life. Tobacco is still fiercely marketed and we are strongly in favour of reducing promotion of a lethal product.

We've taken some great steps in our journey to achieve this, but we're not there yet and have many more bridges to cross before achieving our vision of a smoke free region.

Fresh and the Making Smoking History in the North East Partnership set a vision that we could and should get smoking down to 5% (or fewer) people smoking by 2025. It is ambitious, but would save countless lives and save the region over £78 million a year.


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