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Take 7 Steps Out


The North East saw a rise of 9% in the number of smokers who keep their homes smoke free following the campaign, according to research by the University of Bath, with over half (52%) of smokers saying their homes were smokefree in 2011 compared to 43% in 2010.


Research carried out after the campaign found:

  • 57% of North East adults saw Take 7 Steps Out, with higher recognition among smokers (60%)
  • 33 pieces of news coverage with £128,000 in PR value
  • 89% said it was informative and 77% attention grabbing
  • 61% said it encouraged them to go outside – especially women
  • 50% said made them realise SHS is more harmful to children than they realised
  • Made 54% think about cutting down
  • Made 42% more likely to seek help quitting