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Don't be the 1

Don't be the 1



It is proven that one in every two long term smokers will die from a smoking related disease, some in their 40s and 50s. However, despite people understanding smoking is harmful, we found smokers across the North seriously under-estimating just how harmful it is.


86% of smokers questioned believed the risk to be lower than 1 in 2, with nearly half believing the risk to be somewhere between 1 in 10 and 1 in 20. When presented with the true statistic, 6/10 admitted they found it worrying. A smoker's risk of dying early from a tobacco related disease is infinitely more than the chances of being hit by a bus (around 2 in a million) or winning the National Lottery jackpot with six numbers (around 1 in 14 million).


The "Don't be the 1" campaign has now ran twice in the North East, triggering over 60,000 responses, and has also been rolled out across Wales. The campaign has two aims - to make smokers reconsider the risks and also to consider the devastating impact a smoking related disease could have on their family. Children especially worry about their parents and grandparents smoking.


Through our links with Stop Smoking Services and hospitals, we have highlighted real life stories of former smokers who have quit after a health scare for their family - as well as telling the stories of those whose lives have been cut tragically short by tobacco