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Don't be the 1



Independent evaluation of phase 1 between February and March 2014 and metrics tracked online found the campaign resulted in:

  • A 125% increase in smokers correctly identifying the “1 in 2” risk
  • Around 299,000 North East smokers and 1.5m adults (65%) recalled the campaign
  • Around 170,000 smokers (57%) saying they were “more likely to quit” as a result
  • Around 188,000 North East smokers (63%) “more concerned” as a result
  • 31% of smokers (92,600 people) took action – from quitting, seeing their GP, cutting down, setting a future quit date or switching to a pure nicotine replacement
  • 62,000 responses to digital campaign including 17,800 campaign website visits and 4100 likes on Facebook

Extensive news coverage of the campaign played a strong role in reaching smokers and also heightening concern levels, achieving 106 pieces of press, TV, radio and online coverage over two phases worth £573,721in PR value.

We owe much to brave Michelle Barthram, who in 2013 was diagnosed with lung cancer aged just 47 and whose warning led to TV and radio news coverage on BBC and ITV. Michelle sadly died in September 2014 and you can view a film on YouTube of Michelle's Final Plea.


You can download our Dont be the 1 evaluation report which details results across two campaign phases in 2014.