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Our Work

Fresh provides locally a comprehensive programme for tobacco control across 8 key strands, delivering regional campaigns and projects, providing leadership and expertise, developing a regional approach to reduce smoking and supporting the work of key partners including the NHS and local authorities.


Based on the World Bank's key principles for tobacco control international evidence base, it aims to provide expertise and leadership in reducing smoking and provide support to local areas.


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  • 1. Building infrastructure, skills and capacity

    Fresh works with NHS and Local Authority staff in the North East and a range of national partners to energise and galvanise efforts to tackle the harm of tobacco.
  • 2. Reducing exposure to secondhand smoke

    Secondhand smoke is harmful to health and protecting children and adults from its effects is a key part of our programme.
  • 3. Helping Smokers to Quit

    Fresh provides a programme of direct support to the NHS and local authorities around best practice when it comes to supporting the region’s smokers.
  • 4. Media, communications and education

    Media and communications have a crucial role to raise awareness of the harm of tobacco and encouraging people to quit and young people not to start in the first place.
  • 5. Reducing availability and supply

    Reducing the availability of illegal tobacco and supply of legal tobacco to children is an important part of efforts to reduce smoking.
  • 6. Reducing tobacco promotion

    Reducing tobacco promotion is an important factor in discouraging children to try smoking.
  • 7. Tobacco regulation

    No other product on our shop shelves if used correctly will kill half of users.
  • 8. Research, monitoring and evaluation

    Research helps us evaluate our work and gauge public opinion and awareness on a range of tobacco related topics.