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Research, monitoring and evaluation

Research helps us evaluate our work and gauge public opinion and awareness on a range of tobacco related topics.


The Fresh programme measures works with a range of professionals including the NHS and academic community to track progress in attitudes towards smoking, smoking prevalence among target groups including adults, routine and manual workers, pregnant women and the decline in deaths from smoking related illnesses.


All of our media campaigns are evaluated and you can find out more in our campaigns section.


The latest North East public opinion on a range of tobacco issues is here:


To see the latest up to date figures on a range ofnational, regional and local smoking figures visit the tobacco control profiles page:


Many of the Fresh initiatives have been independently evaluated and include:


The evolution of a UK regional tobacco control office in its early years: social contexts and policy dynamics.


Evaluation of a complex healthcare intervention to increase smoking cessation in pregnant women: interrupted time series analysis with economic evaluation


Countering the demand for, and supply of, illicit tobacco: an assessment of the 'North of England Tackling Illicit Tobacco for Better Health' Programme