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North East Tobacco Regulation Forum

North East Tobacco Regulation Forum

The North East Tobacco Regulation Forum first met in June 2014 to harness the role that regulatory services play in reducing the harm caused by smoking and the vision of "making smoking history" for the region.


The forum aims to maximise current and future regulatory capabilities in order to support the region’s strategic vision of reducing adult smoking prevalence to 5% by 2025.


The forum is chaired and co-ordinated by Fresh with strategic support from the North East Public Protection Partnership.  The forum comprises colleagues from regulatory services including Trading Standards, Environmental Health and Licensing teams across the North East.


The forum has six key objectives:

  1. To enable North East regulatory services to review, discuss and contribute to current, emerging and new developments in tobacco regulation
  2. To provide an overview of local tobacco regulatory context and activity in the North East to inform regional progress towards reducing smoking prevalence
  3. To provide evidence of best practice and opportunities for the North East to demonstrate leadership on tobacco regulation
  4. To influence the national coordination of regulatory services in order to maximise its contribution to tobacco control
  5. To develop the evidence base and advocate for future tobacco regulatory measures including responding to relevant consultations.
  6. To protect tobacco regulation from the vested interests of the tobacco industry and its affiliates, in line with the Article 5.3 of the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.